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IPS Price in Bangladesh

Due to frequent power blackouts and voltage changes, Bangladesh’s market for uninterrupted power supply (UPS) systems, also known as IPS (Instant Power Supply), is growing quickly. Because of this, more and more people, both at home and in offices, are buying IPS systems to ensure their appliances and gadgets always have power. 

To determine what affects IPS prices in Bangladesh, we need to look closely at how the market works, how technology changes, and what consumers want.

Market Overview

The UPS market in Bangladesh has a lot of different products that meet the wants of different customers. IPS systems come in various sizes, from small units that can be used in homes to big systems that can be used in businesses and factories. The market mostly comprises products from local companies, but some foreign brands are also there.

Factors Influencing IPS Prices in Bangladesh

The prices of IPS systems in Bangladesh are affected by several things, such as

  • Capacity and Load Needs

An IPS system’s price depends on how much capacity it can hold. Because they can power more tools or handle heavier loads, higher-capacity units cost more because their batteries can hold more power.

  • Battery Technology

The type and quality of batteries used in IPS systems greatly affect how much they cost. Most of the time, systems with more modern battery technologies, like lithium-ion batteries, cost more than systems with standard lead-acid batteries. 

On the other hand, lithium-ion batteries have benefits like higher energy density, longer life, and faster charging times, which, for many customers, make up for their higher price.

  • Inverter Efficiency

An important factor in setting the price of an IPS system is how well its inverter works. More efficient inverters cost more than less efficient ones because they usually have better parts and more advanced power control features. 

But buying an IPS system that is more efficient can save you money in the long run because it will use less energy and work better.

  • Brand Reputation and Warranty

When people in Bangladesh buy IPS systems, they often look at the brand’s name and the warranty that comes with it. Prices for well-known brands with a history of being reliable and offering good customer service after the sale tend to be higher. 

Longer warranty terms also give customers peace of mind and may be worth the extra upfront money they pay.

  • Market Competition

The competition between IPS manufacturers and suppliers also affects how prices change. Price wars and other competitive pricing strategies can happen in a market with a lot of competition. This is good for customers because they can choose from cheaper choices. 

On the other hand, when there isn’t much competition in a market, prices may be higher because there isn’t as much pressure to lower them or give discounts.

Premium IPS with Best Price in Bangladesh

There are a lot of IPS with different features are available in Bangladesh markets. These are narrated below- 

Luminous Optimus 2800 Pure Sinewave

Luminous has a variety of solar solutions, inverters, and batteries that can endure frequent and lengthy power outages. Optimus Smart LCD screen shows the current time, backup status, and charging processes. It can charge the battery to a maximum of 18A, which is supercharged. Home appliances run without noise and are durable. 

It allows you to choose from a wide choice of batteries since it supports all of them, including flat plate, tubular, VRLA, and SMF. The Luminous Optimus LCD provides real-time statistics on the inverter battery’s performance. The price of Luminous Optimus 2800 Pure Sinewave ranges from 38,000 to 40,000 BDT.

Microtek Luxe SW 1200 UPS (800VA-12V)

Microtek Luxe SW 1200 UPS is a computer-based pure sinewave UPS designed for better performance and high reliability. The INTELLI Pure Sinewave Technology extends the battery’s life with less maintenance. 

The smart LCD display and attractively shaped power button allow you to stay informed about the status of the battery’s charging, backup, and running loads. It also notifies you of overload, over-temperature, short circuit, or circuit tripping. 

You can use either the High Charging Mode or the Standard Charging Mode, and it supports all battery kinds, including Flat Plate, Local, and Tall Tubular. The price of Microtek Luxe SW 1200 UPS ranges from 13,000 to 15,000 BDT.

Exide 1450VA 12v Inverter

Enjoy Exide 1450VA 12v inverter IPS for trouble-free power transitions—even during unexpected power interruptions. This UPS saves space, guarantees an uninterrupted power supply, and enhances dependability.

You can select from three different battery charging modes to suit your needs and preferences: 9Amps, 11Amps, and 13Amps. The LCD screen gives you real-time information about your power condition by indicating the following: load percent, battery voltage, AC volts, and mains cut-off.

This UPS guarantees dependable backup power adapted to your needs and is compatible with Exide batteries ranging from 12VAH to 100-200AH. The price of Exide 1450VA 12v Inverter ranges from 20,000 to 22,000 BDT.

Home UPS 900VA Luminous Zelio+ 1100

This Sine Wave Inverter has a capacity of 900 VA, with a rated power of 756W, making it suitable for powering your home appliances. It supports a single battery and has a generous 24-month warranty for peace of mind. Keep track of your power backup and battery charging time easily with the LED display, showing hours and minutes.

Enjoy noiseless operations thanks to low harmonic distortion, providing a quiet environment in your home. The price of Home UPS 900VA Luminous Zelio+ 1100 ranges from 14,000 to 16,000 BDT.

Where to Buy Premium Quality IPS?

IPS Bazar is the leading supplier of premium quality IPS in Bangladesh. Imported goods of the highest quality are at our disposal. They also offer solar panels, charger controllers, IPS batteries, hybrid inverters, and other solar-related products. 

One can buy the above-mentioned IPS products from IPS Bazar at an affordable price. Also, one can do business with IPS Bazar since they offer wholesale prices on the product as well.

Final Words

To sum up, the IPS price in BD is affected by many things, such as their capacity, battery technology, inverter efficiency, brand image, market competition, and government rules. Consumers who want to make smart buying decisions based on their needs and budgets must understand these factors.

Since the market is expected to keep growing, customers can look forward to a wide range of IPS systems with better performance and features that can be used in both homes and businesses.


What factors determine the IPS price in BD?

In Bangladesh, the price of IPS systems depends on several things, such as their capacity, battery technology, inverter efficiency, brand name, and extra features like LCD screens and different charging modes for the batteries.

How much does an IPS battery price in Bangladesh?

In Bangladesh, the price of IPS batteries changes based on their capacity, brand, and technology. Generally price range of an IPS battery is based on the battery’s specs and quality.

What is the average IPS price in Bangladesh?

In Bangladesh, the price of an IPS system varies on how much space it takes up and what features it has. Basic models for household use typically start from 12,000 BDT, while premium models with advanced features can cost upwards of 30,000 BDT.


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