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Solar IPS / Inverter Price in Bangladesh

Solar power offers a reliable and eco-friendly solution. If you are facing frequent power failures, buy the best solar inverter or solar ips at the best price in Bangladesh. On our website, you can explore hundreds of hybrid solar inverter prices in Bangladesh. Solar inverters of different brands are available for you.

Key Benefits of Solar Inverter / Ips in Bangladesh

  • Solar inverters with battery backup ensure uninterrupted light during power cuts. 
  • You can continue working, studying, or simply relax without being plunged into darkness.
  • Solar inverters transform the direct current (DC) into usable alternating current (AC) for powering your gadgets.

Where to Buy Solar Inverter in Bangladesh?

IPS Bazaar BD is a reputable supplier of solar inverters. We offer a diverse range of solar products, including inverters and solar IPS. We prioritize customer satisfaction and provide wholesale options as well.

Best Solar Inverter Options Available in Bangladesh

IPS Bazaar offers a variety of solar inverters to suit your needs. Here are some top contenders:

  • Anern SCI-EVO-2000 offers MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) technology as a 12vdc solar inverter.  It is the supplier of optimal power generation from your solar panels. It’s also a great mid-range option for 200 watt solar inverter. 
  • Exide Solar Hybrid Inverter 1100VA is ideal for smaller homes or budget-conscious buyers; this 1100VA inverter offers a reliable backup solution. 
  • Luminous Home UPS 5.2 KVA Cruze  is a multi-purpose option, providing inverter functionality for power cuts and voltage stabilization. It has more than 3000 watt solar inverter capacity.
  • Microtek Solar PCU 2350/24V is another versatile choice, functioning as both a solar PCU (Power Conditioning Unit) and an inverter, making it suitable for those already invested in a solar setup.

IPS Bazar BD has all 840w, 2kw, 3kw, 12v DC, 48v DC, and online grid solar inverter. Consider your power requirements and order the best solar inverter right now.


Solar inverters will help you harness the sun’s power and free yourself from the limitations of load shedding. They can save your electric bills. With IPS Bazaar BD, you can find the perfect inverter to brighten your days, even during power cuts. 


How many solar panels should I connect to my solar inverter?

It depends on your power needs. Make a list of your appliances and their daily run times. Multiply each appliance’s wattage by its daily use to find its Watt-Hours per day. Add these figures to your total daily Watt-Hours. Divide that number by 4 (assuming 4 hours of sunlight) to get the estimated total panel wattage needed.

How much electricity bill will I save when I use a Luminous solar inverter?

The solar inverter won’t directly cut your bill itself. It depends on your solar panel setup. In sunny areas, a 1000Wp panel with a Luminous inverter can generate 4-5 units daily. It can reduce your power grid dependency and lower electricity costs.

What can I do if I do not know which solar inverter is good?

You can call IPS Bazar BD on 01749426789 or 01816831862 to get any information. We can calculate your needs and offer you a suitable inverter. We sell products for both home users and distributors.


Anern SCI-EVO-3200 Hybrid Solar Inverter

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Anern SCI-EVO-3600 Hybrid Solar Inverter

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Exide Hybrid UPS 2200- 24V

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Exide Solar Hybrid Inverter 1100VA

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Growatt Solar SPF Off-Grid Inverter 5KW 5000 Es

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GROWATT SPF 3000 TL 24V High Frequency Solar Inverter

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Growatt SPF 3500 ES Off-Grid Inverter

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