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Microtek 1450 solar inverter

Brands: Microtek
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UPS Model SOLAR PCU 1450/ 12V
UPS 1250VA / 12 V – 50A
Output Wave Form Sine Wave
UPS Warranty 24 Month*
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1 review for Microtek 1450 solar inverter

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  1. arnob ahmad

    মিডিয়াম পরিবারের জন্য সোলার সিস্টেম করলে এই আইপিএস বিকল্প নাই ,,,আমার বাসায় ৩ বছর যাবত ব্যবহার করছি কোন সমস্য ছাড়া..

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Microtek 1450 solar inverter Best Price in BD

Microtek 1450 solar inverter PWM BASED SOLAR PCU  is designed to utilize maximum use of Solar Energy. If there is an excess of Solar Energy Generation from PV then it charges the Battery and simultaneously supplies the Power to the Load. While a solar PCU is similar to a solar inverter, there are a few differences. In a solar PCU, battery charging is very important during the day. Solar PCU controls the core and selects the charging source accordingly. Comes with a user that selects the energy-saving option to allow the user to choose the priority and save the bill. It also selects the AC output source from the Solar or inverter or grid. In Energy Saver Mode first supplied to Solar, the battery is pre-charged and also supports the inverter to power electrical items. When the solar power stops, the PCU begins to use stored energy from the battery. When the stored power is used to a certain level, the inverter switches to the grid. The main focus here is to save on the cost of electricity bills. In a solar PCU, solar energy is very important, and in the absence of solar energy, the energy comes from the electricity used. Solar PCUs are designed for maximum solar gain and therefore reduce energy costs.


Advantages of Microtek 1450 solar inverter:

  • You can run without a Solar PanelYou can turn on a solar PCU with or without a solar panel. You can use it as a standard inverter without having to worry about using solar energy. And whenever you feel the energy of the sun will be even more helpful, all you have to do is install a solar panel.
  • Easy to install and saving Solar PCUs are easy to install, expensive, and can help reduce your electricity bills. It, therefore, ensures that the user gets a double profit.
  • Independent operation Compared to a solar inverter, a solar PCU can work with or without Grid Power. Solar PCUs can be used without a Grid connection. Therefore, while inverters can only be used with the Grid, PCUs work with the grid as well.
  • In-depth Information Display If you use a solar inverter, you will have limited access to information. As, when it comes to solar PCU, you have access to detailed information such as charging status, required repair steps, loading level, battery level, etc.

PRODUCT FEATURES Microtek 1450 solar inverter:

  • Micro-Controller DSPIC Based Intelligent Control Design.
  • Dual Charging, Mains Mode and Solar Mode. (Solar Panel up to 1000W-12V model).
  • Pure Sine Wave Regulated Output.
  • Smart PWM Controlled multistage ATM (Automatic Trickle Mode) Charging.
  • LCD and Graphical Display Indications (Status & Fault).
  • Smart and Faster Overload Sense and Short Circuit Protection.
  • Auto Reset Feature.
  • Mains Input Voltage Range Selection.
  • PV Mode ON/OFF Selection Switch.
  • Charging Voltage Selection Switch.
  • Grid Charging Enable /Disable Selection.
  • Pure Sinewave Regulated Output.
  • 24-Month Warranty “